We are a sash window restoration and repair specialist based in North London, also specialising in all aspects of sash window renovation and draught proofing. We believe your property is so much more than a house. It’s normally your largest single asset, but most of all, it’s your home. Most people generally redecorate the interior of their home, adding their personal touch, painting it a colour that suits them. However on the outside of your home, its commonly another story.

Maybe you have sash windows at your home or a traditional wooden floors - these are features that make your home traditional and rustic. If your sash windows become worn down and tatty over the years, Sash window London can restore your windows bring back their former glory. Imagine the beautiful quality and appeal of traditional sash windows and then imagine all of that charm without any of the annoyances - those irritating rattles and draughts. Sash windows have been a feature of many of London's historic buildings for many years, and there is an aspiration to keep hold of this unique constructive feature in its original form.