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Timber Splice Repairs

Below is an insight into the process of how we carry out timber splice repairs.

  • Removal of decayed timber back to the sound timber and depending on what type of repair is being carried out the cut joint will be cut into timber this can range from a half lap joint to a mitred joint.
  • New timber splice is cut to size leaving a gap of between 4mm to 10mm (depending on the repair) around the splice for the epoxy resin. Typically spliced joints were cut tight and were more susceptible to timber movement which then allowed moisture ingress. All timber used in our repairs is pressure treated with preservative but at this stage is un-primed.
  • Moisture content of both the timber splice and the sash window timber member itself is checked ensuring a moisture content of below 18%.
  • Application of the 2 part wood stabilizer to the repair area of the sash window and also to the timber splice. This is normally left for between 25 to 30 minutes depending on weather conditions.
  • Application of the window care system 2 part epoxy resin repair system to the timber splice and the sash window timber member. The splice is held in place and the excess resin is removed. The repair is checked for alignment and the surface is checked for irregularities.
  • Once the sash window repair has cured, the repair and the surrounding areas are sanded and then we apply 1 coat of wood primer in preparation for painting.