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St Johns Wood

St John's Wood: so much more than cricket and Abbey Road, this part of London features many properties with traditional sash windows. If you own one, you know how vital itis that you ensure the repair and restoration of your sash windows. That's where our experience of sash window restoration in St John's Wood can help to maintain the value and character of your property.

Restoration is the perfect opportunity to update sash windows

Well-maintained original sash windows are an important sales feature for many St John's properties. From our experience (supported by the advice of London councils), the repair and restoration of old sash windows is preferable to replacement - and cheaper! While restoring sash windows in your St John's Wood property this is the perfect time to update them with modern features such as draught proofing and better security - while retaining their classic appearance:

  • Eliminate rattles and cut exterior noise
  • Unstick painted-over sashes
  • Improve thermal efficiency
  • Enhance your St John's Wood property with draught proofing
  • Update security (including centre catches and security bolts)