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Draught Proofing Brush Pile

Brush Pile

We use a proven Weatherfin woven brush pile from the market leader in brush piles. It has a tough polypropylene backing and a durable central seal extended centre fin, for improved breakaway force which creates a very effective barrier resisting air, water, dust and noise.

Pile fibres move independently sealing against uneven surfaces with exceptional resistance to abrasion and friction and they will not stick or bind. The pile is silicone treated to resist water and the pile fibres are resistant to acid, alkaline, mould, mildew and corrosion. The pile and central fin are UV stabilized.

We use this high performance pile as part of our solution in combating draughts and rattles in sliding sash windows. We install this unique brush pile into our pile carriers in the new staff beads, the new parting beads and also into the pile carrier machined into the top and bottom sashes.