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Sash Cords

Being an independent company Sash Window London has the option to choose the correct sash cord for each individual job. Whether it is a full renovation of your sash window or just the sash cord replacement.

We commonly use two main types of sash cord "waxed cotton sash cord with a polyester core" and the strongest sash cord on the market "nylon sash cord" but we also have the resources when needed, to match existing sash cords i.e. in listing buildings.

Here are some of the considerations when choosing a sash window sash cord :-

  1. The sash cord breaking strain (in kg) must be well in excess of the counter balance weight (in kg).
  2. A long lasting sash cord is required that is not susceptible to rot.
  3. The correct thickness of sash cord ensuring it can be passed through the pulley wheel with ease.
  4. In sash window renovation a cord that will not mark and can be cleaned easily.
  5. To match the original sash cord keeping the same look and feel of the sash window.

Below is information on just a few of the cords we have used :-

Waxed Cotton Sash Cord

Our traditional sash window waxed cotton sash cord is manufactured in England. It has a polyester core which cannot be seen ensuring the cord keeps the traditional look and feel. The polyester core gives extra strength.

Common diameters are 5mm, 6mm, 7mm & 8mm which have a breaking strain of :-

  • 20kg on the 5mm sash cord
  • 30kg on the 6mm sash cord
  • 40kg on the 7mm sash cord
  • 50kg on the 8mm sash cord

The added advantage of using wax cotton sash cord while carrying out sash window renovation is that it can be cleaned easily. The weight cavities where the counter balance weights are housed collect a lot of dust over time so using a cord that does not mark easily and that can be cleaned is the best option.

Nylon Sash Cord

Nylon sash cord is the strongest sash window sash cord on the market. It is all white in colour with no coloured braids.Common diameters are 6mm & 8mm which have a breaking strain of :-

  • 65 kg on the 6mm sash cord
  • 120kg on the 8mm sash cord

It will last longer than any of the other sash cords and it is by far the best option on new double glazed sash windows. It has a superior strength which is needed due to the extra weight in the extra pain of glass in the sealed unit and in most circumstances the glass is also thicker in sash window double glazed sealed units. A lot of the beautiful old glass in sash windows is 3mm thick, in the new sealed units each pane will usually be a minimum of 4mms.

Red Fleck Waxed Sash Cord

Red fleck sash cord is very distinctive to look at with a double braded design. It has a red fleck running all the way through the cord and it can be seen in many historic buildings throughout England. It is coated with a waxed polish and is a cotton cord. This cord is generally only used when matching the existing cord or at a customer's specific request.

Common diameters are 7mm & 8mm which have a breaking strain of :-

  • 65 kg on the 7mm sash cord
  • 80 kg on the 8mm sash cord