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Frequently Asked Questions

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We offer all sash window services, but specialize in sash window renovation and sash window repair. Our renovation service includes introducing a permanent draught proofing system into the windows that we renovate.
Our renovation service will eradicate rattles and draughts giving your windows full movement without the common wobbles and shakes often associated with vertical sliding sash windows.
This is determined by a number of factors but in most cases the width of the glazing rebate of the sashes is not wide enough to accommodate another pane of glass. There is an additional risk that the top meeting rail will bow and sag due to the extra weight, because of this we do not fit double glazed units into existing sashes. Instead we would replicate the existing sashes and replace them with new double glazed sashes.
Typically two of our carpenters will renovate 2 to 3 sash windows per day but if additional repairs are needed this could take longer depending on each job and the types of repairs required. After completing a free site survey we will be able to give you a more accurate time scale.
All the work is carried out on site. Our vans are like small workshops and have everything needed to carry out our sash window services.
When your sash windows are being renovated there can be a small amount of disruption. Once the windows have been dismantled they are then open to the outside elements which is unfortunately unavoidable and there is also a small amount of noise and dust. Our first job every day is to protect your floor and belongings and we always tidy as we go. We will always leave your home hovered and tidy at the end of each day.
At the end of each day whilst we are working at your home, each window will be reassembled or completely finished and always left secure.
We can be reached on 020 8961 2223 between 9am and 6pm Monday to Friday, or you can email us at info@sashwindowlondon.co.uk