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Insitu Epoxy Resin Repairs

Window Care Systems epoxy resin repair system allows insitu repairs to be carried out to any timber affected by wood decay. This is a important factor especially when repairs are need to fixed sashes which minimizes the risk of any glazing breaking.

  1. Removal of rotten and decayed timber with specially designed router which only removes the decayed timber back to the stable sound timber.
  2. Sanding the surface of the sound timber using a 80 grit grade abrasive paper. Checking of the moisture content to the timber, this must be below 18%.
  3. We then remove the paint to the surrounding areas to at least 10mm from the epoxy resin repair.
  4. Mix the required amount of wood Stabilizer and then apply removing any excess; we leave this for 25-30 minutes before applying the epoxy resin.
  5. Mix and apply the 2 part epoxy resin system, shaping and matching the existing profiles.
  6. We Ensure that the resin is completely dry, curing time for the resin can vary it is dependent on which resin we use to carry out the repair and the weather conditions, low temperature conditions increase curing times.
  7. Sanding of the repaired and surrounding areas leaving a smooth flat surface matching the original profiles and application of 1no coat of wood primer in preparation for painting.