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Draught Proofing

Arched Sash Window

Sash Window London offers a draught proofing system to combat the common problems associated with sliding sash windows. Our draught proofing system is applied to your existing sash windows, and at the same time your sash windows would be overhauled.

Our draught proofing system will then give you full movement of both top and bottom sashes and this would then ensure a smooth sliding movement and get rid of those rattles and wobbles once and for all.

A traditional Box sash window needs a 3mm gap around the perimeter of the sashes to be able to slide easily, this gap allows outside draughts, dust ingress and outside noise into your home.

By sealing these gaps with our draught proofing system this will :-

Sash Window Bay
  • Virtually eliminating all draughts.
  • Reduce street noise levels.
  • Increase the energy efficiency of your home.
  • Reduce air pollution.
  • Ensure a smooth easy sliding action.
  • Eradicate rattles and side movement.