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Casement Windows

Our sash window draught proofing system can also be introduced in to timber casement windows

As with sash windows, casement windows can still be draughty and sometimes rattle, our permanent draught proofing sealing system eradicates these problems.

We firstly carry out any repairs needed to the casement or to the frame ensuring the original timber is repaired and treated using the "Window Care System" method of repair, we then introduce our draught proofing system.

We sometimes use the same materials we use in our sash window renovation service, but also use different materials when needed ensuring the best possible finish, giving your casement  windows a great new energy performance.

We bespoke the installation to each window sometime our system is installed into the frame itself and sometimes into the opening casement, this is dependent upon the construction of the window, where possible the system is fitted into new beads matching the same size and moulding of the existing, the chosen draught proofing material is permanently machined into this beadings, in doing this it becomes a part of the existing window.

All this is done in a caring way ensuring all the charm and character of your casement windows are kept.