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Glazing Options

Three Part Bay

Cracked and broken glass is very common. In old box sash windows we re-glaze the panes by cutting the putty away with specially designed machines which cut a straight line along the glazing rebate of the sash stiles and rails without damaging the timber. Even on thin glazing bars we are able to remove the putty to save any damage to the timber.

To comply with the current Building Regulation glazing requirements, a safety glass will need to be fitted in so called 'Critical Locations' for example in doors and windows.

The term "Safety Glass" applies to a laminate or toughened glass, which is used to reduce the risk of accident through shattering or fracture on impact or in case of a fire. These regulations also apply to double glazed sealed units.

We offer many glazing options and give advice and guidance for each individual situation.

Our glazing options include:

  • Textured glass.
  • Acid Etched Glass.
  • Sand Blasted Glass.
  • Laminated Glass.
  • Toughened Glass.
  • Double Glazed Sealed Units.
  • Patterned Glass.